Like a lot of people art, for me is a way to express myself using something other than words. To be able to make people feel and think without speaking is my goal. I do believe that I can affect someone with my work, whether it is to bring a smile to their face or to evoke criticism from them. I strive to create beauty that is not based on perfection and try to maintain an organic feel to my work. Rough edges, irregular shapes and imperfect circles are where I find beauty, and my work shows these qualities. My work begs to be touched due to the textural effect of the glazes I use.

Many people have influenced my work from Dali to Mondrian to the graphic artists of the Art Deco.  I love the work of the Art Nouveau movement, with their organic shapes and their quest to put life back into art. The Australian Aboriginals with their Dream Time Dot Paintings, Gaudi’s buildings, the Indians of Oaxaca with their colourful mythical animals and Tiffany’s’ glass, it all inspires me. I also draw inspiration from the oceans and seas I have visited. I have loved the water for most of my life and been fascinated with the organisms that live there.

I was born in the Azores Portugal in 1968 to an English mother and an American father. As my father was in the USAF we moved about every 4 years and with this I got to see lots of different places. By the time I graduated from high school in 1986 at the age of 17, I had spent more than 8 years in England and the rest in the United States.  I now reside in San Diego California.